Care, Strive and Grow

Soft Cobble strives to be sustainable and do more for the planet. We carefully select partners who follow low-carbon principles throughout the production process, from sourcing to manufacturing, to create better loungewear in a better way.

Ecological Material

Silk is precious natural material, Soft Cobble works with an ecological farm in Guangxi to strictly control environmental standards from mulberry tree growing to silkworm breeding.

Energy-saving Dyeing

We combine eco-friendly reactive dyes with traditional craftsmanship to save up to 65% of energy during dyeing, while presenting beautiful and lasting colors.

Handcrafted production

Soft Cobble's experienced silk craftsmen in Suzhou handcraft most of the production process, minimizing the use of machinery and reducing carbon emissions to the lowest level.

Responsible Packaging

Our packaging uses recyclable and tear-resistant cardboard boxes and eliminates plastic inner bags and paper pads, which conveys our green philosophy while protecting the safety of our products.

Green Traveling

With Soft Cobble, travel can be environmentally friendly too. Our comfortable and reusable travel accessories allow you to enjoy your trip while minimizing the waste and pollution.