Our Story

Soft Cobble is a brand of silk loungewear founded in 2023 by Lica and Jun in Shanghai. We share passion for creating better loungewear in a better way. Our mission is to light up everyday with comfortable, chic, fun, sustainable loungewear, especially for women who enjoy both relaxing at home and traveling worldwide.

A year ago, Lica, who had worked in lifestyle media and luxury travel industries, was tired of overpaying for old-fashioned loungewear and had the idea of creating a fresh brand. Her friend Jun, who studied film in France, was captivated by the effortless chic of Parisian life and was eager to infuse this philosophy into their brand. Thus, the story of Soft Cobble began.

From visiting mulberry farms to meeting with decades-experienced silk craftsmen, to selecting materials, designing, and prototyping…after a year of preparation, Soft Cobble was finally born.

The brand is young, but it holds onto our beliefs of traditional craftsmanship, environmentally friendly production, healthy and comfortable wear, and simple, playful design. We strive to use the best materials to create a brand to grow the wearer ‘s confidence and strength from within.

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