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You Are What You Wear, So True

Your clothes tell so much about you, your lifestyle, your background, your worldview and views as well. The same holds true for loungewear.

Have you ever wondered what your clothes are saying about you? They speak volumes about the person wearing them, often more effectively than any self-introduction could. After all, as the saying goes, "You are what you wear."

They tell your lifestyle

For example, your clothes reveal your lifestyle. Lawyers and finance professionals often dress formally, while bohemian artists embrace freedom and unconventionality. Living in a tropical climate might inspire vibrant colors, while settling in colder regions tends to evoke a preference for tranquility.

They reflect your experience  

Your clothes also reflect your experiences and aesthetic sense. Some people continue to love sequins and bows even at 50, while others opt for simplicity and understated elegance. In a consumer-driven society lacking stable core values, one might easily become a shopaholic. However, with maturity, individuals tend to prioritize clothing quality over quantity.

They express your values

Moreover, your clothes express your worldview and values. Do you choose clothes solely based on style? Do you indulge in fast fashion, buying and discarding frequently? Or do you carefully select pieces you truly need, opting for fewer but higher quality items? Are you indifferent to synthetic fibers as long as they look good, or do you consciously choose environmentally friendly products, striving to support your ideal world?

So, from now on, will you give more thought when selecting your clothes? 

For a garment, the design is its skeleton, craftsmanship details are its veins, color is its skin, and fabric is its soul. Together, they collaborate to communicate to the world who you are.

So what’s your loungewear saying?

The same holds true for loungewear, except that the importance of fabric is even greater. In many ways, loungewear is our closest companion: it helps us relax our weary bodies and minds, nurtures restful sleep, witnesses moments shared with loved ones, and accompanies us in quiet solitude. What fabric could be more suitable for such a significant role than silk?

The preciousness of the soul lies in falling in love with it over and over again with each touch, each repetition.

So, embrace the language of clothes and let them speak true you.


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