Winter Skincare: 4 Key benefits of Silk

Winter Skincare: 4 Key benefits of Silk

Winter poses particular challenges to skin health—dryness, allergies, itching... Do you experience these troubles too? In addition to timely hydration and applying moisturizing creams, silk undergarments and bedding are excellent choices for skincare.

1.Soothes Discomfort - Highly Compatible with the Skin

Silk, a natural long fiber, contains eighteen essential amino acids needed by the human body. As a pure protein fiber with a chemical structure similar to human skin, it boasts high compatibility. It helps maintain the metabolism of the sebum film, promotes blood circulation, and has a notable effect on skin allergies and itching.

2.Breathable Stability - Intelligent Moisture Balance

Among the eighteen amino acids, there is a hydrophilic side-chain amino acid that can absorb and release moisture in the air, keeping humidity at a balanced level. For instance, in hot weather, it rapidly dissipates the body's heat and sweat, while in cold and dry winter, it helps the skin retain a certain level of moisture, forming a stable microenvironment.


3.Invincible Feel - Gentle Skin Care

The skin-friendly nature of silk is unparalleled. Its friction coefficient on the human body is the lowest among all fibers. When delicate skin touches silk, there is an intangible yet snug feeling of being cared for. It conforms to the body's curves, gently caressing every inch of the skin.

4.Suitable for All Seasons - Temperature Regulation in Both Directions

Silk has the highest volumetric gaps among fibers, providing bidirectional temperature regulation. In cold weather, it reduces heat conduction, offering a glossy yet not chilly sensation but rather a soft and warm touch. In hot weather, it promptly dissipates heat and sweat, maintaining a constant body temperature. It can be described as warm in winter and cool in summer.

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