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Clean Comfort: The Perfect Fit for Our Loungewear

What’s ideal loungewear fit? The answer is simplicity, comfort, and the perfect balance of loose and flattering.

In our previous blog post, we talked about how material is the soul of loungewear. But what about the fit? The fit is equally crucial as it serves as the framework that ensures both comfort and a fantastic appearance.

Clean comfort, relaxing but still chic

Loungewear with flawed fit often falls into two categories: either overly restrictive, making you feel uncomfortable, or excessively loose, leaving you looking disheveled. What we strive for is the sensation of "Clean Comfort" in our clothing.

Through sketching, sampling, and countless fittings, we tirelessly adjust the details and fit until we achieve the desired result: simplicity, comfort, and the perfect balance of loose and flattering.

Multiple choices & Same good feeling 

Our Pajama sets embrace classic unisex styles, offering options such as long-sleeved shirt & long pants, short-sleeved shirt & long pants and short-sleeved shirt & shorts. This variety caters to temperature changes and individual preferences. The neckline, cuffs, and pant hems are just right, providing freedom of movement without being cumbersome. The straight-cut silhouette and elastic or semi-elastic waistbands accommodate all body types, ensuring a flattering yet relaxed fit. Delicate trim details and carefully selected buttons add a touch of refinement.

The camisole and shorts set also follows a minimalist approach. While the design appears simple, it incorporates three-dimensional tailoring to strike the perfect balance between skin exposure and modesty. The neckline is adorned with delicate and soft lace, subtly revealing the feminine grace and sensuality.

Unprecedented appearance & More freedom

Robert de Beauplan once wrote, "Pajamas give women an unprecedented appearance and more freedom. They provide you with comfortable and relaxing enjoyment that lingers in your memory."

This is precisely what Soft Cobble aims to achieve. We strive to offer loungewear that not only envelops you in comfort and relaxation but also enhances your unique style and empowers you to embrace your freedom.



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