Christmas Shopping Guide: Soft Cobble's Best-of-Holiday Picks!

Christmas Shopping Guide: Soft Cobble's Best-of-Holiday Picks!

The 2023 Holiday Gift Guide is here! Shop our top gift picks with promotion and make this holiday season a memorable one for you and your loved ones.

In the blink of an eye, we've arrived at the end of 2023, and our beloved Christmas is just around the corner. It's time to pick heartwarming gifts for our loved ones! Soft Cobble has handpicked four fantastic Christmas sets to make your family and friends feel special and cherished. Enjoy a 20% discount on orders over $100 and a 30% discount on orders over $200 during the Festive Season( 20th NOV-26th DEC). Sign up now can get an extra $ 5 gift card on all orders.

1.Sleep Tight Set

The quality of our sleep directly affects our quality of life, and a high-quality sleep set ensures you and your loved ones enjoy sweet dreams every night. Silk, composed of numerous protein fibers, not only absorbs moisture but also helps regulate body temperature. Silk acts as a thermal barrier, making the environment more suitable for restful sleep.

The silk pillowcase pampers your hair and skin, while the eye mask effectively blocks out light, creating a tranquil and comfortable sleep environment.

Sleep Tight Set (Silk Pillowcase + Eye Mask)


2.Hair Care Set

Our hair needs special care, especially during the cold winter months. Silk is highly biocompatible with our bodies and has the lowest friction coefficient of all fibers. Sleep is the body's prime time for rejuvenation, and with silk care, it's doubly beneficial for your skin and hair.

Soft Cobble's silk pillowcase and scrunchie set naturally moisturize your hair, reducing breakage and split ends, leaving your hair looking smoother and glossier.

Hair Care Set (Silk Pillowcase+scrunchie)


3.Glamour Traveler Set

If you travel a lot, don't miss our curated travel sets (6A silk pillowcase + sleep mask + scrunchie), crafted with super comfort and timeless elegance—perfect for solo adventures and bucket-list trips.

Glamour Traveler Set (Silk pillowcase+sleep mask + scrunchie)


4.Pure White Beauty Pajama Set

White is the hallmark color of the Christmas season, reminiscent of snowy winters, symbolizing purity and endless hope. Why not gift your loved ones a classic white silk pajama set during this special time?

Natural silk, derived from animal protein fibers, contains amino acid components similar to human skin. It's not only exquisitely textured and comfortable but also has a remarkable thermoregulation function. Don't think silk is just for summer; it's perfect for winter too. Its skin-friendly warmth caters to all skin types.

Pure White Beauty Pajama Set


No matter which gift you choose, it conveys your care and love for your loved ones. Soft Cobble's products will bring endless comfort and joy to your lives.

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