5 Cool Colors to Wear in the Hot Summer

5 Cool Colors to Wear in the Hot Summer

Have you chosen the right colors for your summer wardrobe? In this article, we'll share 5 delightful "cool colors" that are perfect to celebrate summer.

Colors play a significant role in our lives, conveying messages and evoking specific emotions. Often, our color choices are unconscious responses to various stimuli.

During scorching summer days, certain colors truly bring us visual and psychological coolness. Let's explore these 5 fantastic "cool colors."


1.Glacier Blue

Color Language: Boundless, Cool, Fantastical

Blue is inherently a cool color, naturally providing a cooling effect on our senses. It evokes images of clear skies and vast oceans, making it an ideal color for the summer. glacier blue, with its cooler undertones, is a pleasant sight to behold. Wearing a set of silk glacier blue loungewear is like being embraced by refreshing water ripples, significantly elevating your summer happiness.

Soft Cobble Glacier Blue Silk Pajama Set


2.Soft White

Color Language: Radiance, Ideal, Lightness

Among various shades of white, soft white is the most versatile and flattering for everyone. It is not as bright and intense as pure white nor carries the yellow hue of ivory. The soft white complements silk fabrics perfectly, as if time and light have blended seamlessly into each fiber, bestowing a smooth and enchanting luster in your every movement.

Soft Cobble White Silk Pajama Set


3.Pearl Pink

Color Language: Feminine, Sweet, Inner Child

Recently, Margot Robbie, the star of "Barbie," has become a focal point with her vintage, charming, and vibrant portrayal of Barbie's signature color, pink. However, Barbie Pink may not suit everyone, whereas a softer, slightly grayish tint like pearl pink is more easily wearable. It retains the sweetness of pink while avoiding excessive girlishness, striking a perfect balance to embrace your purest self.

Soft Cobble Pearl Pink Silk Pajama Set


4.Classic Black

Color Language: Elegant, Creative, Mysterious

Yohji Yamamoto once said, "Black is modest and arrogant at the same time." Black quietly absorbs all colors while asserting its presence with confidence, making it a beloved choice among fashion enthusiasts. You might wonder if wearing black in summer is too heavy. The key lies in choosing the right fabric, such as smooth silk satin, an excellent option that adds lightness to black attire.

Soft Cobble Black Silk Camisole Set


5.Misty Grey

Color Language: Neutral, Ethereal, Sophisticated

Misty Grey, unlike the extremes of black and white, naturally exudes elegance and intellectuality when worn. It imparts a gentle yet powerful vibe. Compared to regular grey, its major advantage lies in brightening the complexion. Due to its low saturation, misty grey often evokes a carefree, natural, and relaxed lifestyle attitude, which can soothe and calm the restless emotions brought on by the summer heat.

Soft Cobble Grey Silk Camisole Set

These 5 colors will not only make you look chic but also keep you feeling fresh throughout the scorching summer days. Choose your favorite shades and enjoy the delightful journey through a cooler and more vibrant summer!

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